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My name is Walter Scheu. And, I’m about the last person in the world you would ever think would be importing products from foreign countries and selling them on eBay. But, here I am doing it.

My wife Ursula and me we run a little family farm here in Randolph County, NC called Foxburrow Farms.

We’re located about 30 miles West of Interstate 73 in a little community called Ulah. Right on the southern tip of the Uwharrie National Forrest in Randolph County. (don’t blink or you’ll miss it)

Here on the farm we piddle around with a lot of different ways to make extra money: raising and selling rabbits, growing ifferent crops, raising chickens, etc. We even have 2 Emus – the male is setting on a nest of 10 eggs as I type this! (yes, it’s the male emu that keeps the eggs warm and cares for the chicks when they hatch.)

We also process different items on the farm. For example, somebody might want some timber cut up into lumber and they’ll give us an order and we’ll take care of it for them.

Well, one day I needed a specialized tool for a processing job I was getting ready to do. I’d bought several of these tools before locally but they always broke after a couple of uses so I thought I might find a better model on eBay.

After a little searching around I found what I needed but I also noticed these tools were selling like hotcakes on eBay. And for not too cheap of a price I might add.

So, I got the tool I needed and it did a good job for me.

Well, a little while later I got to thinking — “Why couldn’t I buy this tool wholesale, sell it on eBay and make a few bucks?”

Well, that thought started an 18 month long journey into the bureaucratic nightmare that is the importing business.

About Importing For Auctions ebook



You see I did it all wrong! I made every mistake you would expect a rabbit farmer from Randolph County, NC to make. And there was no one out there that I could go to that could tell me, “Walter, you need to do this and you need to contact these people and you need to fill out this form, etc.” No! I had to do it the hard way. Because I…just… didn’t… know… any … better. I spent 18 months struggling and researching and calling — let me tell you — this is no joke: One day I got so frustrated I called the American Embassy in China. Hey, but you know what? They talked to me. And they provided another piece of the puzzle I was trying to solve. Let me cut to the chase and tell you the big secret that took me 18 months to figure out: You don’t have to know how to do everything yourself. In fact, there are people who with a single phone call will handle all the customs red tape for you. There are other people who will handle all the freight logistics of getting the product from the exporter right to your front door. And most importantly there are even people who will coordinate everything so you don’t have to worry about it. (Dang — I wish I’d known that two years ago!) If you’re interested in importing — you’re gonna want to know who to call to get the ball rolling. And in my new Importing Course — The Quick Start Course to Importing — I will give you the exact phone numbers of the people to call. But more about the course in a minute. Dealing with customs, shipping and paperwork is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to importing. Another problem that all beginning importers run in to is finding suppliers for the products they want to sell. Well, I’ve figured that out to. In fact, I’m going to show you… That’s right! You’ll never have to wonder what to sell again. Your biggest problem will be deciding which roducts are worth your time to fool with. I’m going to show you all my secret importing sources. Pretty soon you’ll have a flood of suppliers sending you information about their latest electronic gadgets, household products, toys, and just about anything else you can imagine. You seriously won’t believe the world of untapped products I’m getting ready to open up for you! Another thing that throws a lot of people about importing is that it is too expensive. People believe you have to buy container loads of goods that cost 10’s of thousands of dollars. Well, that’s true — if you import the traditional way. But, I’m going to show you… You’re going to learn the hidden techniques that only a few people in the entire world know about. Techniques normally shared only with the insider’s closest relatives. Techniques passed down to the next generation with a whisper and a nod. It’s all included in my new course — The Quick Start Course to Importing includes 1 hour and 14 minutes of audio instruction that gives you a complete run through of how I got started importing. It includes all the pitfalls and obstacles I had to overcome and tells you exactly how to avoid these problems. In The Quick Start Course to Importing you’ll discover:

  • The exact people you need to contact to begin importing — and what you should say to them.
  • How to get around import minimums and buy small amounts of products.
  • How to protect yourself from unscrupulous exporters.
  • The secret key to finding wholesale distributors and manufacturers.
  • How to cut through all the paperwork, customs and shipping headaches with one simple phone call.
  • Easy way to deal with language barriers and currency conversion problems.
  • Two Things that Almost Always Burn New Importers — and How To Make Sure You Aren’t the One Getting Burned!
  • The Most Important Factor to Running a Successful eBay Business.
  • The Exact Steps to Take to Make an International Purchase. (do this wrong and you’ll end up holding an empty bag)
  • How to Tap into a Never Ending Spigot of Suppliers who send you a contant stream of new product ideas.(You’ll never again have to wonder what to sell.)
  • Simple techniques for identifying trustworthy suppliers.
  • Secret Insider Source of Wholesalers that not 1 in 10,000 know about. (Get access to new products before your competitors even know they exist.
  • How to get product samples without paying an arm and a leg.
  • The Exact Quick and Easy Steps To Finding Profitable Items To Import.
  • Customs Brokers and How To Deal with Them.
  • Looking to Import a Specific Item? Here’s How To Find the Company that makes the item
  • How Much To Pay For An Item?
  • How To Figure Out How Much To Sell The Item For On Ebay.
  • How Much To Charge For Shipping And Handling For The Item When You Sell It On Ebay?
  • How To Set Your Selling Price On Ebay.
  • How To Prepare the Item To Be Listed On Ebay.
  • What Type Of Information To Put In the Listing.
  • What Type Of Return Policy To Use.
  • Exactly — word for word — What You Say to an Importer Once You Locate Them.
  • How And When To Pay For The Goods.
  • Common Terms And Abbreviations For Customs And International Shipping.
  • The One Person You MUST Consult With Before You Start Importing.
  • Where To Get the Money To Begin Importing.
  • And much, much more.

But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you’re going to receive. You’re also gonna get: THE IMPORTERS EBAY GUIDEBOOK — This manual was written especially for people who want to import items to sell on eBay. In this manual you’re going to learn:

  • How do I contact people to get started importing/exporting?
  • How do I find wholesale distributors and/or manufactures?
  • Do I need a business license, visas, or other paperwork?
  • What products have import duties?
  • What is the general quality of the items shipped?
  • Is there anyway to reduce shipping costs?
  • What is the average profit margin?
  • Must I convert my money to the currency of the other country?
  • How Do I avoid problems with customs?
  • Where in America are the products shipped to?
  • How Do I trace the product back to the manufacturer? , so I can buy direct?
  • If I am working with an import company, do I buy from them?
  • What is the turn around timer from buying to selling?
  • How do I avoid importing items that are illegal?
  • What is the most important thing to know in dealing with China?
  • How can I find out if a company uses child labor?
  • Can you tell me of some specific companies that are good to deal with?
  • Should I purchase cargo insurance?
  • What does the label say, if I am using a drop shipper?
  • How much does it cost to ship a container from China to the USA?
  • Are there any lenders who loan money to import goods for resale?
  • How do I market a new product for retail?, not on EBay?
  • How and/or where do I store the unsold goods?
  • Can I sell these imported goods to retailers and make a profit?
  • How do I avoid “knock-off” goods?
  • What percentage of goods shipped by container is lost or stolen?
  • How long do items take to ship?
  • How secure are billing sites, which are set up with other countries.
  • Do I have to visit a manufactures plant to do business with them?
  • What are FOB, C/I/F, etc.?
  • Do copyrights of USA products from other countries qualify as legal, in the USA?
  • How do you get started selling on eBay and other auctions and then import goods resell on the auction sites?
  • What is a customs broker and why do I need one?
  • If there was or is the most important information or advice that you could share what is it
  • Can I get samples? Will they be free?
  • We do not have port or docks in our area for the boat to land and unload cargo. What do I do now?
  • Who gets paid and when do they get paid?

Beginning Importers Cheatsheet — This is a simple soup-to-nuts, one page reference list that you tells you every step of the process. From finding the product you want to sell to taking delivery from the overseas manufacturer. Refer to this resource whenever you get stuck in the process or need to know what to do next. Audio Interview With James Jones Plus Transcripts — You’re also going to get a one hour 14 minute audio with interview with famous Ebayer James Jones. I am including the transcripts of the audio so you can read and follow along at your own pace. Directory of Overseas Suppliers — What course on Importing would be complete without a listing of suppliers? Here’s a great resource for finding potential suppliers as well as tips for using the sites. Some of the listed sites highlight a particular country or region while others are global. You’ll spend a lot of time using this resource to find companies that have unique, desirable and in demand products you can import and sell. Special Report: How To Pay for Import Shipments without Getting Ripped Off — There are A LOT of con men out there. Read this report to learn how to deal with overseas suppliers without getting ripped off. This report is absolutely crucial! Special Report: Working with Customs Brokers — Your Customs Broker is be your link to the your overseas suppliers. Learn exactly how to find, hire and work with a customs broker. This report includes the phone number to the Customs Broker I use and recommend.

  • Hotsheet #1) How To Import Using Other People’s Money
    • Amazing little known technique for getting other people to fund your importing venture.
  • Hotsheet #2) How To Test Market Products before Buying Them
    • What do you do if you find a product to sell on eBay that you think would be a great seller but no one else is selling it? It could be the beginning of a lucrative income stream or a complete money- sucking dud! Here are three different ways to test out a product on eBay BEFORE you spend the money to import the product.
  • Hotsheet #3) How To Gain the Exclusive Distribution Rights to Unique and Profitable Products with a Single eMail
  • I don’t know of anyone else using this technique. Quite simply, it shows you how to gain control of the distribution rights of a single product or even an entire product line just by sending an email. (This Hotsheet by itself is worth more than the cost of the entire course)

  Let me make this simple for you: Get the course. Go through all the material with a fine toothed comb. Take a full 8 weeks to look everything over. Then, if you aren’t satisfied simply email me and I’ll refund your money. That way you’ll have plenty of time to decide if you want to keep the course. Heck, if you were a nasty sort of person you could order the course, absorb all the priceless information and then rip me off by asking me to refund the order. (but be warned — if you do that I might just have to send one of my killer attack rabbits after you! ;-) Simply click the the Buy Now button to pay via Paypal. I’ll give you immediate access to the Member’s Only Area on my website where you can download all the material:

  • 1 hour and 14 minutes of Audio Instruction
  • PDF transcripts
  • Importers eBay Guidebook
  • Question and Answer Manual
  • 2 Special Reports
  • 3 Confidential Importing Hotsheets
  • Importers Cheatsheet
  • Directory of Overseas Suppliers
  • ebook freebies
  • 2 complimentary ebooks

  Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Just click my name.

Walter Scheu

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Greetings Today is Friday June 24, 2011 We are putting things together to start the news and Tip letter back up. I am planning to send out the Tips and Leads Newsletter every two (2) to four (4) weeks I would like to know what topics are of interest to you. Please respond to walter.importingforauctiions@gmail.com with things you would like for us to cover. We are also going to have a Solo Article Section from time to time Links to FREE Stuff and Links to Manufactures and Venders. As A thank you gift we are going to be sending you a link to free e-book, for being on the list. So please be on the lookout for. Once more, thank you and be blessed. Walter,...

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